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revelations of open eyes

welllllll it is now offically the new year. um...well..i spent the rest of my nite going thru old letters. no one writes anymore...found Sara's letters hummm...want to speak to her again...i knew her for a while while i lived in louisiana..kept in touch for such along time. we were always writing to each other.

ever met someone and something happens, something you had never felt just noticing someone. it doesnt happen. dont think it has happend sense, not like that. she was just cool. started talking like we had known each other for ever. i can never forget the day i met her.
havent written to her in along time(i moved). great friends and we hardly ever even saw each other. started going over old letters and saw the words written......need to pay more attention to things...need to wake up...there are so many things that i have let fly right by me for so long...time to make things count(i guess)
happy new years again everyone...happy new years sara(as if you would see this, starnger things have happened)

Wake your mind up clear your eyes up
Move and rise up before your times up
Clock is ticking your caught slippin
Stop to realize look and listen
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