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put in the ground and cover me in dirt.....

well i took another test about my person as a drink. i guess it was kinda on the head as far as the party thing goes. hehe i know i suck.

well i havent been on this thing forever. im not even sure if i talked about the trip to washington. just in case i havent IT FUCKING SUCKED, yeah i just checked, i havent vented....but i dont even want to talk about it...but hey tony if you read this..sorry bro....but i guess it just wasnt the time...i apologize man...

things are going pretty ehhh..
at first we came pretty frustrated (me & jake) i havent been able to shake this "i feel like shit all the time" feeling. well i have, but it still lingers like a fart in a car. but we did get some good news that has kinda made the band feel better. we might just be picked up and supported by a production studio out of houston i dotn really want to say to much, i dont want to jinx it or look hasnt gone thru, we havent seen any paper or anything but we should be hearing some word as of to how it is coming along so.but i still have court on the 14th, queen is runing from the cops and has been staying at my house, as to keep him out of trouble.......but that still doesnt work. we almost got arrested again..goddamn..i think it might be a sign...of course, im met with resistance when i bring it up that maybe we should take it easy for a little. at least untill things get setup......right now "we need to keep you two out of jail." at least thats what wendy says. so shes getting us some big ass lawyer er something to keep us out, i dont know how the fuck that is supposed to work but lets see what happens...but i must out gots to take moms to the store..later

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