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..........sleep and awake are starting to blur and mean nothing

this last 3 weeks have been so fucking long. im up at 5:30 in the morning to that i can listing try to lie there way out of paying thier direct tv bill...but i havent even got on the phones yet..i took my test for activations, techincal, sports, and PPV...

i was pretty sure i was going to bomb every fucking test. but i passed every single one..very surprised. spent the rest of the day dodging having to get on the phone, sneaking out for a break with anyone i could go with. found out they threw the lunch that i had sitting in there for like 3 days..i dont know that i would have eaten it today..i probably would have forgotten it at this girl like a looser...but i was bored and she was nice to look at...and she kept looking back at me but it was either interest or guess is digust.

alas i went to jakes but he was looking like he was in sick er in a bad mood er something....started to wonder if its something i did, but then i dont know what i im just being paranoid. i always think its my fault..egomaniac

got drunker than i have ever been on friday..drank two free mad dogs in like an hour and a half, hanging out with a friend at the gas station he works at. then smoked (not supposed to) got even sicker. threw up before i smoked, threw up again on the way home..felt like shit run over twice... then stepped on. came home threw my close in the washer. went to sleep. and my adventure in alcohol was over and so is this post
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