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you can see ten feet behind my eyes into nothing.....

confused and fumbling...i saw you driving down the street and the flood gates in the back of head opened up and let you come rushing in. drowing in the warm memory of your embrace. i drown in your memory because its the closest that i can get to you. swiming in an ocean of you and not able to find my way i guess i will stay as long as i can stay a float. under the sun of your ghost, adrift in solice so sourly aquired. but now im slipping into the depths of this bottomless feeling. seeping into every crevis inside, filling my lungs till i cant breath, and im not fighting it..just falling deeper and deeper with this saddness that i fend off in vain. it only takes the glace at you to tear my wall asunder, with out-of-site, out-of-mind my best friend, sure to be alone in my time of standing against you...then i will give into wanting you around....i dont want to feel this...i miss you
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