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well one day i was born, the next few years are rather uneventful. now im in Mission.........the toilet of Texas.

311, 40's, a nice ass, a sense of humor, acid bath, action figuers, al green, alice in chains, angery noodle boy, animals, arguing, art, autumn afternoons, bass guitar, billy gould, black metal, blues, blunts, botch, bowls, brak, byron(syl), cee-lo, ceux qui marchent debout, chillen, chinese mother fucking buffet, coffee(sometimes), cracklin' oat bran, crouching tiger, danzig, david edin equipment, dead can dance, dead kennedys, deftones, dillenger escape plan, dirk lance, django reinhardt, donnie darko, downset, drawing, drunken master, dvds, eazy-e, evil dead, faith no more, fantomas, fed of me, fight club, freddy kruger, full metal jacket, funk, girls(their purddy), glassjaw, graphic novels(comics), green apples, grind core, gustaf heilm, h.p.lovecraft, hammocks, hand drums, hardcore, hatebreed, hed p.e., hip-hop, i feel sick(book), icp, import toys, incubus, italian food, jeff wood, jim barr, johnny the homicidal maniac, joints, kalifornia, lao tzu, lenore, les claypool, liquor, live music, local shows, long assed good conversation, lozenge, manuel ragoonanan carrero, martial arts, mechanics, messhugah, mike inez, mike patton, mike star, misfits, morbid angel, mr.bungle, my bear slippers, my homies, my hoodie, my pup, natural born killers, news, owls, p-nut, phantomas, piano, politics, portishead, primus, reading, recording, regge, relative ash, robert deleo, samhain, samuri showdown, sex, simpsons, slayer, sleep, slipknot, snapcase, squee, stefan lessard, strapping young lad, street fighter, sublime, swing, system of a down, tao te ching, texas chainsaw massacre, the haunted, the tea party, tombstone, tony kanal, tool, trainspotting, transmetropolitan, trevor dunn, tricky, type o negative, video games, vision of disorder, warwick basses, weezer, wesly willis, wolverine, writing

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