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much shit about to happen...

well im getting ready for another trip up north with jake and this time adam...this should be interesting, better than taking queen with us....more cash for shit...i guess...

have a show in mexico tonite...our first time ever..hopefully the crowd will be good and not like the last one we did...but it was the wrong crowd. but tonite will be better. need to take a camera or video for this one. cant wait to kill this shit and show mex what the fuck is up. much throwing down will happen.
also we are getting to lay down dummy tracks for our next demo on sunday right before we leave for north. hehehe i like life at the moment...

why do mother fuckers have to act like they cant like music..even though they like it, they would never dare show the darklord they might like something else besides whatever thier friends like.

dont get me wrong i like black metal along with all the other flavors that make up metal but that would include us...... i stopped that whole "if its not _____ it sucks" but i guess thats why we make music and dont turn shit away just cause the ppl making the music are not black leather clad vikings, er whatever the fuck they think they are...just very closed minded down here...the metal has been down here for along you know, whatever they like it. but blink 182 shirt rolls into town and starts the punk explosion and now everyone thinks they are from the fucking 70's pretending to be some gutter punk. i have heard like two good punk bands sense i have been down here and they dont carry one like these dipshit fucking brats playing music with mom and dads credit card, they have no respect for what it take to do this shit "take care of your own shit and fuck the na sayers" thats the way shit should be, but alas it is not...enough complaining, good day to all
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