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deep down mouth is drooling from bordom

bordom is on high. i hate to use the term bordom..."bordom sets into the boring mind",that kinda stuck with me. i dont think that i have ever spent so much time on thing actually looking thru my sisters account for ppl cause i dont really read anyone elses bios. kinda thinking about putting a back ground up and shit..noo doubt it will be something that only i would like....that seems to be a recuring theme with me..i only like what i like...well at least when it comes to the general populace. im not that good when i comes to the general populace either. i try to talk and be "cool" but it doesnt work, well i can say stupid shit to make ppl laugh and what not, but when it comes to talking about things that matter..the things that matter to them and that they talk about are kinda of no interest..i dont watch tv, so i dont really watch all the retarded new shows, well some, but only in bits and pieces. i dotn really tell stories when others start to. they are all kinda from here and all know each if they ever stop talking to each other. they just ask each other who they know. mayhaps im just an has been said before..but then everyone has been called an ass so im not gonna hold it to my self.i dotn know i try to talk, but i can feel when im about to say things that others are not going to do i put it....ehh i should probably just not care...i just get bored(there is that word again) and start to think about all this shit...boooo. sleep is nice and thats where im off to..tomorrow will be better, i know it will...(forgive my shitty spelling, just incase)
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