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ill give you a bad dye job; you dirty whore!!

all i did was hit and tear it apart for information. its the best fucking site for bass players. i have looked all over this piece of shit and that is the only site that even begun to answer my questions. i like, i started to rant on a topic and i thougth i would put it on here too so enjoy..

"man i have been in alot of bands, and before, i got in the band that im in now, i had to make mad compentation for lack of.....liking the music. usually i would keep in the band just to have someone to jam with, do some shows, one band, two bands, hip-hop, metal, rock, keep buliding my own style, even when really, i didnt like what was going on musically. i never really quit unless i was just not feeling the music, i would have to feel that it was, pretty lame, at the risk of sounding like a ****. but sometimes even then i would play just to see what i could do with it, just to see if i could find some kind of insperation from my self while playing music. i also have this really bad habit of doing what ever i think fits...i dont like solo over ppl er any crap like that, just, if i thought it needed some flavor i would add some pop, chords, slap, fills and so on. after so many bands you find one that you can connect with, you find what your looking for in the least likely of places...i thought i was in some music meca cause i lived in houston, then i moved to the valley. and i was just like "damn, good luck finding something here" but i would rush ppl in public if i found anything from like a band shirt to a sticker, i didnt care. "say man you know anyone that needs a bass player!" i was really hungry to start some project er something. i found a band a we did slipknot covers, heheh it was fun, did the masks and the whole nine, but when it came to writing the music, i couldnt do anything with it. joined the band im with now FED OF ME. the guitarist played something for me and it was like nothing i had ever heard before, it defenitly peaked my interest. from there i found that i could really play like i wanted to and it came naturally it fit and it nursed my style. got into some new artist from the other members, and from there i have really just grown with everyone else and it feels like a "real" band. with all the work and fun that im having and most of all the music is good, finally found a band that is an outlet as well as music that i like and i have never felt stronger or deeper about what im doing before. you know what im saying. sorry for the life story, the subject is close to the heart....good topic"

groove in the soul, anger in the heart, hostile in the delivery.........

well that is all for pretty tired and all that.
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